Monday, August 11, 2008

The Harvest Is Ready

After almost four months the crop is nearly ready. This is our first organic, free-range, non-caged, pesticide-free (almost) locally grown tomato. Of course this beauty had the help of the "constant gardener" Mary. She rescued it from the pot on the patio and transplanted it. It must have gotten more sun where she planted it, because all the other tomatoes are still green. Now we are in a drought, and restricted to watering once a week. I refuse to let my crop die. I'll give up my showers first.

Plants: $15
Cages: $12
Soil: $10
Pesticide: $7
Water: $8

Your first homegrown tomato; PRICELESS!


u.f. said...

A true Calabrese (or otherwise southern Italian.

P.S. When did you start showering?

Thomas said...

Your climate is more attuned to growing organic, free-range, non-caged, pesticide free (mostly), locally grown tobacco. Keep the medical establishment in business...encourage carcinogen consumption!

M- said...


You need to read the book, "The 64 Dollar Tomato." You'll find a kindred spirit in its author!

Babba-Gi said...

I don't even like tomatoes, except in ketchup and CP's spaghetti sauce!

aannie said...

I wait for all my friends and coworkers to bring in their harvests and put FREE signs on them

D- said...

Do I detect some old fashioned, home grown, "gem-bought"(sp?)in the very close future???? The "Fave" is "Factory Trained" by the best!