Saturday, August 30, 2008

The "Full Marianne"

POLICE I.D. # 4578989765

Today I went to my local library website to request a book. To my surprise I had an $8.00 fine. This is highly unusual for me, so I called to inquire about it. I got the weekend counter help on the phone so I knew I was in trouble. [This retired matron of Auschwitz is the same lady who tried to have me arrested because my cell phone went off there one Saturday morning. I was the only person in the library at 9 am (I was waiting for CP who was at "Foam and Fabric") so it's not like the brief ring distracted anyone who was working on their thesis.] She told me it was a fine on an inter-library loan and that the three books were returned. I asked what the names of the books were and she told me she didn't have that information. After a long harangue she handed the phone to the intelligent person assigned to the desk that day. I knew from her voice who it was and she told me to please hold while she tried to get more information. The intelligent lady told me it was three " French" books from another library that were returned two weeks late. The operative word here was "French". At that moment I understood that this had the familiar M.O. of Marianne all over it. I apologized to the intelligent library lady, and told her I understood the origin of the fine. As usual Marianne has managed to make one of her parents out to be a blithering idiot. Marianne almost got away with it; forty-eight hours later and she would have been on her way to France.

Now to manage this Marianne had to get on my computer, use my library card number and password to request these books. She didn't have my card, because I sleep with it under my pillow while she's home. So this was a clear case of identity theft.

Does anyone else have a similar story? Just ask CP about the time Marianne had her call up the credit card company and pretend to be her. Dick, did she ever pay you for the tires you got for her in Rochester?


u.f. said...

This is hilarious.

Aunt Dot said...

How beautiful is your "person of interest"!!...or would it be "suspect"....or could it be under the "convicted in the media before having a fair trial" category?

M- said...

Look at that face. Who can be mad at that face?

The tires I believe went on her credit card--which means you got the bill, Babba.