Monday, August 04, 2008

Hurricane Hannah Heading Up The Coast To N.Y.

Hurricane Hannah heads up the coast tomorrow in her return to the Empire State. Hannah carries with her a load of debris from the Carolina's. Included in the storm is a new hairstyle, new clothes, dozens of new and tasty home cooked recipes, a sample of genuine down home southern cuisine, an introduction to Blue Grass music, a taste of Southern Baptist theology, a new appreciation for Shakespeare and community theater, a much fuller exposure to the cinema, a deeper knowledge of fabric, clothing design and fashion.

As she boarded the plane in Charlotte, Marianne was heard to say, "My work here is done".


Aunt Dot said...

Ha! So cute, and clever:-)

You have to go home so soon, Hannah?

Oh, well, much better than a weekend that your brother was lamenting about:-)

Thomas said...

What, was she locked in a closet and forced to listen to NPR for the past month???

M- said...

Hurricane Hannah has turned into a low front. Seems the funs ran out before she was done.

D- said...

Ahhhh... that Southern hospitality.

The Hurricane is back and turned loose on Western NY. I was informed at dinner tonight that the entire ninth grade portion of the High school band will be invited to a "welcoming" here at the house.

Thank you Peracchio's for inviting my Hannah and teaching her everything. Gates-Chili High School will never be the same. ;)