Saturday, August 02, 2008

Close all the churches and open the theaters.

Another hit for Marianne the director. It was a grand night for an opening. A balmy August night with the warm smell of clematis rising up in the air. Or was that poison ivy?

It was Shakespeare played as intended. It was fast, farcical, bawdy and profound.

The seasoned veterans of the stage combined with the energy of youth . The foibles of youth, love, honor and old age all brought center stage.

Major snaps to all the players, the board of directors and the city of Asheville for their investment in the Montford Park


M- said...

She done good, Babba!

D said...

Looks like everyone was singing Cum by-Yah at the end.

Chalk up another great directing performance by the "not-yet" famous- MA-P. :)