Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I'm really basking in the glow of global warming; aka climate change, aka crapola. It was 16 degrees this morning. I was hoping to fence the patio in for Bo, but they can't pour the cement footers till it's 34 degrees.

On a lighter note, gasoline is $1.80/gal. This collapse in the oil market is ominous. The only business that's doing well is the Somali pirates. The reemergence of piracy was featured in Atlas Shrugged (circa 1957). The bail-out-mania that has swept Washington is just another collectivist tactic to reward failure. What Detroit needs to do is make a car that people want to buy at a competitive price. The U.S. auto industry is doing just fine in the south; it's only the Michigan/UAW auto industry that's failing. A trillion dollar bail out for Detroit would only sow the seeds for a second civil war. The first civil war wasn't only about slavery, it was about the north treating the south like a colony. All these fixes and bail outs and stimulus packages will only turn this recession into a full blown depression. The bright side is that we won't have to watch all these Christmas commercials for the Cadillac Escalade.


Aunt Dot said...

This post is so articulate, so creative -- that it stands alone. No comment needed :-}

D- said...

Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and others are telling the clowns in Washington what to do but, the "elected" think they can use borrowed money as another quick fix to fill the crack in the dam that's about to break loose. Here we go.....

Great post!!

Abbie G said...

My dad thinks the pirates should be strung up. My mom says, "Hang 'em!"

Dr. Doom also says that when he retires, he'll go camp out on an oil tanker himself, and when the pirates show up, he'll give them one warning, and then shoot them all.

He also wants a bumper sticker that says, "I want to shoot a whale with my muzzleloader!"

I try not to comment on what to do with the pirates, because when I think of pirates, I think of Captain Jack Sparrow.

I'm with you on the global warming thing, tho. Such crap. Have you read State of Fear by Michael Crichton? It's very eye-opening.