Sunday, November 23, 2008

Something To Believe In.

No, I'm not talking about Obama and his "three hundred prophets of Baal". I'm talking about paint that covers in one coat. This Kilz brand paint, sold at Wal-Mart may actually cover in one coat. You may have to buy an expensive roller-cover and be careful not to let the roller get dry and exert exactly five lbs. of constant pressure but it is possible.

I thought I managed to pull the "one coat" thing off but the next day I found holidays about halfway up the wall. I imagine this is the height where I swing the roller through its arc and I vary the pressure at this point. So, after much ridicule from CP, I gave a quick second coat. It's worth it to me not to look at the wall in three months and notice the old color peering through. The big roller is a breeze compared to the woodwork; which I assault with a cadre of brushes, sponges and mini-rollers. Kilz is still very good paint. It's much better than the Olympic brand from Lowe's, and it's cheaper.


Aunt Dot said...

What is this? You've got guests coming over for T-giving that you're trying to impress? What got your brush moving this week?

D- said...

It may have been the fact that CP threatened him with his life or maybe the spirit moved upon him to do some freshening up.
I like Behr paint from Home Depot. Speaking of which I have a living room ceiling to repair from a leak we had as a result of last year's ice damage. Roof is fixed.
Thanks Babba. You've given me motivation to get on with it this holiday season.

M- said...

Thanks Babba for his inspiration. The wall and I appreciate it.

Mrs. Babba said...

Stop encouraging him! He keeps finding "one more" door or piece of trim to paint. I have visions of Babba telling our Thanksgiving guests to "just scoot your chair in a little more so I can get this baseboard."