Saturday, November 01, 2008

Time To Blog

Do you think somehow this is CP's fault?

After two months we may finally be back in our bedroom. Tomorrow they come to shampoo the carpets and then all I have to do is paint the trim and we are done. I'm getting used to Ben's bed.

We had our first frost and a windy week that brought down most of the leaves. It's been freezing at night yet every afternoon is sunny and 68 degrees.

Gasoline is $2.35/gallon, if this is a recession bring it on. Early voting has been real heavy here. I don't think the Messiah is doing that hot out here in western N.C. There are many people voting for the first time. The fact that Nobama might win is scaring people to death.

Today, I stopped at the library at 6 am to drop off a book on my way to work. There were about 100 people lined up in the dark about an hour before the polls opened. I knew they were all McCain voters trying to vote before work. The Obama voters wake up about 3 pm when the mail comes. Well we got our guns and bibles ready, we are just waiting to see what Ohio does.

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D- said...

YO... Dorian you there????? It's safe to come out now.... The sun still rose in the East and set in the West even though Barack Obama won.
I guess swallowing Bill Clinton's unclean spirit for those eight years toughened me up for the likes of Barack. One thing I do know, he can really schmooze you when he talks... snake talk.