Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Ultimate Degradation

Due to cut backs at work I have to carry this ridiculous thing into work everyday. A few months ago they took away our snacks (crackers and peanut butter). Then they took away our coffee and bottled water. Now they are taking away our break room and refrigerator. I used to bring my lunch in a bag every day. I would make one bag last about a month. I would bring the worn bag to CP who would inspect it to determine if it was no longer salvageable. In order to keep that yummy sandwich of mine cold I now have to use this insulated lunch box which I refer to as my "fag bag". I asked CP whether they were all sold out of the pink ones. Well, I'll start eating my lunch in my car like some migrant worker. When they take away the locker room I'll have to change my clothes in the woods. Just today they had a survey handed out to determine how the employees feel about Inatech; we had to pay 50 cents for the pencil to fill it out.


u.f. said...

Look at this way, at least you have a job to carry the gay bag to.

M- said...

Glow in the dark. When they take away the lights, you'll be able to find your lunch.

D said...

Say.... Nice purse!

I use an outdated, small,red and white Igloo cooler. Its almost big enough for a six pack w/o ice.

Look on the bright side Babba, at least CP will be able to "censor" the chow you bring in. M's been doing that for me for years.

aannie said...

UJ feels your pain. Every year or so his cube gets smaller. 10 years ago he had a 10x10' cube. He has progressed so low that his cube is now a small desk with walls. It cracks me up when I visit him because it is beyond ridiculous. it's like they are literally trying to squeeze people out. There are twice as many cubes in the building than it was designed for.