Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another Rant

Has anyone noticed the coarsening of our culture since B.J. Clinton occupied the oval orifice? I'm talking about tattoos , piercings, foul language , scrotums hanging from trailer hitches etc. I'm not talking about your run of the mill bottom feeders. I see professional, highly educated people with Chinese characters tattooed on their arms that probably translate to "Mu Shu Pork". I also see a lot of lower back tattoos (tramp stamps). (I'm always looking to see if one is a "map to dry land").

It's usually the people on welfare that have the nicest tattoos. We joke that if someone has at least three piercings, five tattoos and a full body tan you can bet they're on Medicaid. I like the three hundred pound 40 year old gals that have a "Tweety Bird" on their hips. I feel like telling them, "I really didn't find you attractive till I saw your body art". The same people who come to a hospital to have a wart taken off under general anesthesia will go into some sleazy parlor and have some stranger paint and pierce them.

I met a W.W. ll veteran who had some racy tattoos. He told me he had to cover them up in public when he returned from the Pacific. My father had four tattoos, he wore long sleeve shirts even in the summer. Now there is 600 million dollars in the stimulus package for tattoo removal. Since the government paid for the original scar why shouldn't they pay for their removal? Even after being removed the skin grafts are not attractive. My daughter once was fleetingly considering getting a tattoo when she turned twenty one. I told her how I felt, but she was an adult. I told her she could get as many as she wanted. The only thing I asked was that her first tattoo say "WHITE TRASH".

I never got a tattoo, probably because of my father. I don't have any piercings because I always hope to end life with the same amount of openings I started with.


D- said...

Babba I have to agree with you. I accompanied Tom to the local Super Cuts today and watched as the "barber" struggled to give Tom a decent haircut. Sure enough on the inside portion of her wrist was a Chinese tattoo. I'm also amazed at the amount of "professionals" highly degreed (men) getting their ears pierced to wear a most feminine little diamond earrings. I guess I'm showing my age but to me a guy who gets an ear piercing is a little (or very)queer.
Since when did the male population of this nation decide to become pirates?
Ahoy Mateys!

goober said...

Yeah sounds like you geezers are showing your age. Body piercings? Youthful indiscretions. A tattoo here or there is fine by me. When women start wanting decent, moral men instead of an equal paycheck, an abortion or alimony, maybe the tattoos and piercings will subside in popularity.

M- said...

From these two comments I have learned:

Pirates are gay.

Mens' effeminate ways are due to women's recognition of equal pay for equal work.

Personally, tattoos have always made a person look unkempt to me. And piercings, on men especially, are very unattractive.

Babba-Gi said...

Kahuna; when you come down in June we can get our navels pierced. Then we can get our zip codes tattooed on our foreheads for when we are found aimlessly walking around the mall.

Pistolmom said...

D- said...

Of couse Pirates are Gay! Have you ever watched a pirate movie where there wasn't a scene where the rough and tumble pirates weren't slugging down something from the keg with the triple "X" on it? That's what makes them "gay".