Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Narcissus Obama

Our President is a narcissist. This makes him possibly the most dangerous leader our country has ever had. Obama's background contains many of the pathologies that generated another monster, Adolf Hitler. They both are illegitimate, sexually confused, ethnically confused, parentally abandoned, silver tongued race-baiting antisemites. The question is whether our republic is strong enough withstand his rhetoric and charisma. Obama would rather see America destroyed than continue as a nation of free people. I don't see a good outcome here.

It's not about: your 401K
the best medical care in the world
the constitution
the second amendment
G.M. and Chrysler
illegal immigration
It's ALL about Obama.

I have found John Galt. He is alive and well on Wall Street. He is stopping the motor of the world. American Capital has gone on strike.

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