Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Can Have Any Color But Black

Henry Ford said "you can have any color you want as long as it's black". The Nanny-State has now taken over our color palette. If the auto makers had any testes, they would just stop selling cars to those morons on the left coast. We already have to have special cars that meet California emission standards; they cost more, lack performance and get fewer mpg. My buddy brought his 72 Chevrolet Caprice SS to So-Cal and in order to pass emissions they de-tuned it to the level of a Plymouth Duster. Twenty minutes later we were back adjusting the timing and replacing the glass-packed mufflers. Personally, I don't like black or white cars, I prefer gray. The future California models will have solar panels on the roof, a wind turbine on the hood and a hydroponic garden growing on the dashboard.

There could be a racial component to this latest bit of fascism. Why are they singling out black cars? If you are worried about heat absorption why not just chrome the vehicle and call it a Dutch-Oven? I think these Greenies should go further and outlaw air conditioning. Imagine The Housewives of Orange County stuck on the I-5 dripping wet like some kind of farm animal. I'd pay to see that.

Who is John Galt?


D- said...

Al Gore and his associates should go to Hawaii and plug off the volcano. It in itself is a big source of the ocean warming "evil".
Oh I forgot, New York enjoys California's emission standards too....then has the gall to raise the price of the specialized fuel as well.
We've been told for years that "Black is Beautiful" and it is! Do you think they'll outlaw paint shops from customizing those beautiful specialty cars in that deep, shiny, luxurious black paint? Monroe County will be in trouble, the sheriff cars are all black. ......Hmmmmmm....

Babba-Gi said...

I wondered why cops were always refered to as the "the heat".

CP's old Duster with it's dark green interior was great for drying fruit and bathing suits. It brings back memories of driving around Pittsburg in the summer sweating like a pig. The floor boards would get hot enough to melt your accelerator flip-flop. Dehydrated kids in the back seat screaming to stop for ice cream; it was pure hell, but we were happy!