Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If only GM had this much creativity

I bet you can't find one of these in Japan. Too bad the fellow in the article was cited for driving a bar stool under the influence of alcohol. This is the ultimate Liquor-Cycle, just motor on up to the bar. The only thing it lacks is about forty bright yellow stickers to warn you about the dangers inherent in a gas powered bar stool. Those poor alcoholics can't get a break. Some local assemblyman wants a law passed to license, tax and regulate Liquor-Cycles. That's one way to stop our citizens that are moonshine challenged from driving to work at 5 am in the frigid rain on their little Vespa's. Just another reason to sit home and collect welfare, burp!


mrs. babba said...

I'd probably still need my little pillow.

aannie said...

HA HA HA, Babba. I want one of those for when I mow the lawn

Good one, Carol

D- said...

Babba, I read that article earlier and thought of you. Sure enough... you came through! Somehow I can't quite see Annie pulling a wheel-y while doing the lawn. (Look closely and you'll see the wheel-y wheel with customized shock on the back of that "bar-stool-dragster".)

D- said...

Oh Turbined Sayeeb, Sheik of the Royal Fletcherland:
Are you going to buy one of those gas misers so Yomama can bow down to you too? :-)