Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bo Loves It When Women Fight Over Him

Bo has two groomers fighting over him. We have been getting him groomed where we board him. It is convenient because the kennel is about 300 yds. from our house. The problem is that the groomer there just can't seem to get his face and legs right. I have brought in pictures of how I think he should be cut, but all it seems to do discourage this girl who just loves our little Bo. I even cut out the face of the Welshie on the Purina One bag and brought it to her. It's not just the face (that she cuts like a poodle who walked into a fan), it's also his back legs. She trims his back legs so he looks like he's wearing those big fluffy chaps that Don Knott's wore in "The Shakieist Gun In The West." She also doesn't cut his hair short enough. Within three weeks he takes on his familiar Wookie appearance.

A month ago we met another groomer while walking Bo at the park. We are used to Bo getting compliments but she really liked Bo. In a few minutes the conversation turned to his ridiculous haircut. Turns out she is a groomer and invited us to try her out. She diplomatically says that he would look better if he wasn't groomed to look like a Bijon Frise. We tried her out and she was amazing.

So I bring the jaunty Mr. Bo to the boarding kennel before vacation and who do I run into but his old groomer. "Would you like me to cut Bo's hair while he's here?" So I get this guilty look and say "No that's ok." Well, when I go to pick Bo up two weeks later the kennel owner wants to talk to me in the office. I'm thinking did he bite somebody, steal another dog's food, what? No, the groomer is upset because we don't bring Bo to her anymore. He told me Bo's last grooming was done by someone else because she was off sick. Then he goes on to say that the original groomer takes pride in her work and wants to make us happy. Well, I fall back on my usual M.O. and say that Carol has the final say in our boy's appearance; after all her name is on the title.

Bo has a an appointment with his new stylist in a week. What should I do? Should I bring Bo to the other groomer after his cut and say "this is what I want you to do?" CP says screw the kennel groomer, I'll take him where I want! I guess she's right, she is his legal guardian. It's just that I'm the one that has to take the Little Prince to the kennel and run into his old groomer who looks like she's about to off herself; she loves the our little Bo-Man. It's just too much emotion over a dog's haircut.

I have patients that don't want me, but I don't care. Why is this upsetting me so much??
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u.f. said...

I must say, I'm with my sister on this one.

Babba, I know you are upset, you want to make everyone happy. But ultimately, you have to think, what is best for Bo?

Think about his self esteem when he looks in the mirror and sees himself with the kennel haircut that makes him look "like a poodle who walked into a fan." It's just not right. Then think about how he must feel when he sees himself, *finally*, looking like a real Bijon Frise.

Now, does that help?


Aunt Dot said...


I'm with Carol, too, Babba. Sorry. Sometimes a dog owner just has to do what he has to do :-)

Put that chin up with a stiff upper lip...The old groomer needs to have the "you win some, you lose some attitude." :-)

Babba-Gi said...

Frank; a Bijon Frise looks like a "Q-Tip with four legs. Bo is a Welsh Terrier. He goes back to the original Black & Tan Terrier whioh hunted with Kings. I'm glad he can't read that remark.

You guys are right. I think this girl is a little too sensitive. I get thrown out of patients' rooms on a daily basis, and I'm OK with the rejection.

It's hard for me to criticize. I have to evaluate anesthesia residents on a daily basis. Part of the eval. requires me to state an area they need to improve in. The eval. isn't registered unless I fill in that field. I spent more time on that one part in my attempt not to crush their spirit. I really am a big softie.

the fav said...

Just send Carol in next time you board Bo. Problem solved.

Babba-Gi said...

Next time I'll send in my "Yankee #@&%$ Wife."

D- said...

"He who pays the piper calls the tune."
If you happen to cave in again and let the kennel clipper do the work, you'll just have to be firm and let her know what you expect. If Bo comes out looking like a French Poodle again, at that point either have her redo the cut or let her know of your dissatisfaction and not return except for boarding.
I know you how to be firm and not chop her to bits in the process. I've watched you with your lovely daughter.