Friday, July 23, 2010

Packing Up-Heading Home

The Great Smoky Mountains summer divergence is winding down.

Some of the high points of the 12 days:

David's pork roast was worth selling your birthright for.
Marianne's organic vegetable cornucopia.
Discovering Mud Hole Tenn. Pop. 13.
Dick's cannonball tsunami.
Mary's Yarn Store quest.
Amy's Red Velvet Cheesecake.
Dick's Mobil-Economy Run on the Cherohala Skyway
Mud in the tires auto emergency.
Super-Nitrite glow stick hot-dogs.
Discovering an authentic Italian Cafe in Murphy, N.C.
Tellico Plains ice cream overdose.
Fishing, aka taking a nap with a stick.
Appalachian Dinner, "Dick, ask the other table if they are going to eat their fried chicken".
Blue Grass Music: I Need A Beer And An Explanation.
C.S. Lewis vs. Sigmund Freud Seminar
Guest lecturer Dr. DiQuattro.
Marianne's sleep lab.
Francis Schaffer's What Not To Wear During a Reformation.
Dick's ode to Central-Air with accompanying Fan Dance.
Mary's Cabbage Cook-Off.
Babba's Foot Fetish Fishes of Bald River Falls.
Cricket canoe mutiny.
Any feedback from fellow conferees to improve next year's session will be greatly appreciated!

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