Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bo Versus The Dust-Mop

Bijon frise: Spray him with Endust and send him

under the bed.

Welsh Terrier; A noble breed that
dates back centuries to the Old English
and The Black & Tan Wire Haired
Fox Terrier.
They are fearless hunters of
badger, foxes and rodents.


Aunt Dot said...

Thanks for that clarification, Babba. Don't think Bo wants to look like the Bijon frise. Check it out Frank.

u.f. said...

Woops. Sorry about that, Babba. I misread your previous post. And it's clear, I don't know dogs.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Hopefully, I'll have the enjoyment of meeting Bo someday in person, and properly groomed.

Marianne said...

i love this!

since when is jaunty Mr. Bo noble?