Saturday, October 02, 2010

Great Flight

My flight from Chicago to Las Vegas was a crusher. I was happy to get the bulkhead seat. The plane is about full and the window seat next to me is still open. In walks a couple with an aggregate weight of 700 lbs. They pass by me and I breathe a sigh of relief (my last deep breath for three hours). The lady sits behind me and the guy hurls himself into the seat next to me. Since it was a bulkhead seat I couldn't lift up the arm rest and lean on CP. For three hours I sat with this guys gut sticking in my side like a 20 lb. sack of flour.

Behind me was sitting a 300 lb Pickwickian. This guy had sleep apnea that sounded like a giant Pug with croup. If I had an oral airway I'd have put it in him.

Babba was gracious to both of them. It's part of my new persona; plus I took an extra Lyrica pre-flight.

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