Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Triumph Of The Will

Behind this calm appearance lies a will of iron. Lately Bo has made the trimming of his front paws a "Battle-Royale". It has reached the point that we only trimmed one nail a week. Usually the match would result in CP getting head-butted, scratched and both of us sweating like farm animals.

We decided to call in a hit-man, our neighbor Ruth who is a veterinary assistant. Ruth grabbed Bo and body-slammed him down like a calf in a roping contest. She put her forearm across his neck and laid on him. Meanwhile, Bo is squealing like a pig. I'm getting very upset and am about to come to his rescue when Ruth says "OK now do his nails". I was able to grind off a quarter inch off all sixteen nails.

This Saturday without Ruth, CP and I did Bo's nails. It was great to get the job done without a scene. When you have a stubborn Welsh Terrier you can never let him win, ever!


UF said...

Are you sure he's not a Calabrese Terrier?

Babba Gi said...

If he was we would all be wacked.

D- said...

Poor Bo... He's sooooo spoiled... sooooo loved!

He's got it made in the shade!:)