Monday, September 05, 2011

Dumb Holiday

It's raining here which tends to make a boring BS holiday even more of a snooze. CP is working however, and since I'll be retiring soon I'm trying to find new ways to pull my weight. Against all common sense and intuition CP agreed to let me do the grocery shopping. I was off to Wally's at 0800 with my detailed list of items for this week's menu. The above picture shows all the Great Value items I picked up for CP's Mexican dish for Weds. night church.

Here are the four items I got wrong. I never imagined there were 24 different types of canned tomatoes. There are stewed, crushed, peeled, paste, shredded, sliced, diced, pureed and pitted. They also come in Mexican, Italian, French and Dill varieties; I never heard of the country of Dill. I also screwed up the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing by getting the dip instead. No-Salt diced tomatoes; wrong again. I got so excited that I found the last can of Tex-Mex tomatoes, however, I got the diced instead of the stewed. Then CB ignored the Campbell's beef broth on the list and got the Great-Value brand which isn't condensed.

Luckily, Wally's is less than a mile away so I'm off to return the four wrong items and hopefully get the right stuff. But guess what? Wally's doesn't carry stewed tomatoes Mexican style, so I still have to go to the supermarket find that one style of stewed tomatoes that the recipe calls for.

CP was just so sure me doing the shopping would be a disaster that her eyes are rolling back in her head when I try to explain. She is praying "Oh God please don't let him retire." Imagine what life would be like as one big continuous rainy dumb holiday.


D- said...

Maybe you should take up cooking for retirement. That way, when you go to Wal-eyed-Mart you'll be able to pick up the correct stuff.

Babba-Gi said...

I could screw up Mac-n-Chesse and hot dogs.

Aunt Mary said...

One big continuous rainy day holiday. That scared the be-jeebers out of me!

Last night I dreamed the Kahuna went to Wegmans for me. It was a nightmare.