Sunday, September 04, 2011

Labor Day Weekend, Without The Jobs

It was a choice between the Apple Festival in Hooterville and the LAAFF Festival in Asheville. I prefer the latter. I'm just not ready for the Dockers and pastels of the AARP crowd. I get enough senior agitation at work.
I tried to book this band for an opening act at the Feed-n-Seed. They didn't have a business card, a telephone # or a web-site. I think they just met each other that morning at a bar. The clogger came prepared with her own little dance floor. Now in Greenville you will get a ticket for playing in the street. In Asheville you can make a good living at it.

This is your car on "Asheville". So many bumper stickers and so little space. I'm imagining this going down I-26 shedding the Taj-Mahal and its cast of characters.

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D- said...

Who needs a nice paint job? That car has enough stickers on it. It would hold together well here in the "Rust Belt". So much for rusty flapping fenders...just slap another sticker on it.