Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Vehicles Slam House

WLOS ABC 13 News :: Top Stories - Serious Injury: Two Vehicles Slam House

A little excitement here in Fletcher. Every six months someone would take out a pole or a fence on this curve, but this time they got a house. This time we heard a bigger bang and the usual snap as the transformer blew up. Quite the excitement on the circle.

We met more new people than we do at the annual neighborhood garage sale. It took the paramedics 2 hours to get the victims out, another couple of hours to get the vehicles out of the bedroom and then two more hours to get the power back on. CP and I went out to Bojangle's for fried chicken, then it was listening to podcasts until we went to bed. I'm glad I had this EMERGENCY LEGO MAN to give us light. (Thanks, Marianne!) Just a twenty second crank and we had light in our bathroom until morning. I should tell Glenn Beck about the amazing Lego End Times Night Light.

Do you think those people will have to disclose their house was in an accident when they try to sell it? I looked at that house six years ago when it was new and thought to myself "I don't want to live ten feet below dead-mans-curve." After the previous crash the town put in steel I-Beams and a guard rail; I wonder what they will add now? Giant boulders? In the land of NASCAR, you shouldn't build your house in the pit.


M- said...

Yikes, Babba, that's frightening.

UF said...

That accident is hardcore, seriously. Thank you for not moving into that house.

Aunt Dot said...

Love the Lego light :-) Hope no one was hurt too seriously.

D- said...

What a way to meet people!
Love that little light! Amazon's got 'em.