Monday, August 22, 2005

Dog Days of Summer

The days are getting shorter but things are not cooling off. We went for a walk Sunday morning and by 8 am it was 79 degrees. Our p.m. walk was cancelled because @ 7 pm it was 84. Every night we have a thunder storm. We have an early storm warning device called Media-Com Cable. Starting at about 50 miles from Asheville we lose one cable channel with each approaching mile. If the computer goes out it's time to jump under the bed. So far we have blown up 3 modems and two cable tuner boxes. Larry the cable guy seems to be on our street every day.

Soon I hope to be gracing my blog with all the mega-pixels I can. By Friday Allan Funt should be up and running and I'll probably have a hundred digi-photo's of Carol with her hand in front of her face. Maybe I'll just park my tucas in Highlands and take pictures of the newlyweds and the nearlydeads. I'm going to take my new Kodak Easy-Share out to Vegas and make a feature length documentary about the assisted living place my mother is in. My mother refers to it as the Philippino Jail. They seem real nice when I call. My mom describes the food as "allota beans". My Mom's main responsibility is to act as a buffer between these two old guys who keep fighting at the dinner table. It's probably an argument over who got more beans. I'll have to remember to bring a can of Cheez-Whiz for these guys.


D said...

Some like it hot! Some like it not!
Welcome to the lazy hazy south.

Aunt Dot said...

Southern California is good for sumfun, Dorian (that would be weather)

Marianne said...

Our house without cable and internet:
"What do we do? Do we, like, read a book?"
After truly "roughing it" during every thunderstorm, I wonder how we survived before DSL.