Friday, August 26, 2005

You gotta have

Now that we are on our third cable tuner box we get free premium channels. It seems like Napoleon Dynamite is on about 4 times a day. I try to watch at least 20 minutes a day just to keep my perspective. It captures life in the west and reminds me of Utah and Nevada. Nevada: where I first heard of people described as flakes. When I try to describe how my neighbor in the trailer park would come over after having a few beers and sing western ballads while playing my Kirby vacuum cleaner no one seems to get it. My best moment in the movie is when he gets hit in the face with the steak while on his bicycle. This is the movie Ben and Jon have to make the a sequel to.


Anonymous said...

Ben and Jon making the sequel. What state is it going to be shot in this time around?

jondale said...

Denial or confusion. Either way will probably work.