Monday, August 29, 2005

Run for your lives it's Katrina

I went to bed watching the big pin wheel bouncing off Louisianna like Sonic the Hedgehog on Fox news. It was like the pre game show for Armageddon. Then I saw a parade of poor people lining up to get in the Super-Dome or the mother ship. They could have at least paid some high school to put on a scrimmage. It seems like all the wealthy people left in their Escalades and Navigators for higher ground. There is something reminiscent of Soylent Green here. The funny part is that Katrina took a sharp right and took out Mississippi which no one cares about as long as the "Big Easy" is spared and Mardi-Gras; the lenten bachannal of hedonism will go on as scheduled. All these rich folk are really in a pickle. The pipelines are shut down and there is no gas for them to get back to the bayou. How come there were no preachers out there on the breakwater rebuking this calamity? Now that the storm has gone down to force II the news reporters are all depressed. They are now stuck with all these hand held wind aenemometers that told us what the wind speed was between the Denny's and Ramada Inn in the French Quarter. But the real damage is not the wind of mother nature, but the hot air of all the 24 hour news stations that has sent all the senior citizens scurrying to the gas stations to fill up thier Crown Victoria's. I think the smartest people are in the super-dome of death enjoying the largest government funded tail-gate party.

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D said...

I had to comb my hair this evening after the BBC news anchor on location stated it was "Pure Luck" the storm didn't smash into New Orleans the way it was forecasted. As for the tele-evangelists rebuking the storm I think it was the humble prayers of the righteous that turned the fury of the storm easterly.