Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'll buy American; if you fix it

I'm so excited that all the U.S. car makers are offering us the "family deal". That means the stuff is such crap they can't even lay it off on the relatives. And the space shuttle; it's becoming the Ford Pinto of space travel. Everyone is so excited that they can fix it in space. What a POS! I'm glad I have a Honda. I no longer have to travel with a tool box and a box of fluids and flares.
Another American industry thats in the toilet is the film industry. There hasn't been a decent movie out for a year. People are so desperate they are lining up to see a Penguin flick from France that you would usually watch on the Discovery Channel. Oh well, at least the U.S. still makes a good bomb.


Aunt Dot said...

Perfect assessment! Again, LOL -- or at least an out-loud chuckle.

Your entertainment is way better than any movie... Hey, I was thinking the same thing: there hasn't been a movie worth *wanting* to take the time to go!

We aunties are gonna start reading books together and chattin' about 'em...Want to read along?!!

jondale said...

Well um, there's Wallace and Gromit next summer...oh wait, England. But no, The Chronicles of Narnia this Christmas, Disney has its name on it, the production company in based in California, but the movie was shot in New Zealand.

I think it's time for a viewing of Napolean Dynamite, shot in good old Idaho (at least I think it was Idaho).