Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas and Grits

Now I work with controlled substances every day, but there is no drug that could have prepared me for what I saw driving into work this week. There is some sort of tree decorating festival going on and as I turn down the road to work at 6 am I see this seven foot tree all lit up with a plastic head of Jesus on it. I think to myself "whoa I must have taken too much melatonin last night", or else I've stumbled into a Monty Python movie.

Driving further I came upon the NASCAR tree. All that it lacked was a life size statue of Dale Earnhardt with L.E.D. eyes. No wonder there was no room in town; that was the weekend of the " Bethlehem 500". The magi were really on their way to a tailgate party.

To top off the competition the "Gay and Lesbian Alliance" entered the upside down tree. I'm sure there is some deep meaning in this that alludes me.

This weekend instead of the star of Bethlehem shining down over Asheville it will be the
Ron Paul blimp arriving from South Carolina. I think I'll just go to my room and turn the lights out till December twenty-sixth.


David said...

WWJP - What would Jesus plant

Marianne said...

The inverted triangle is a GLBQ pride symbol, as is the rainbow motif
Poor Roy G Biv, being exploited for oblique political statements in pine.

"Keep Asheville WEIRD!"

M- said...

You're "hometown" is starting to make me nervous, between that drum festival and trippin' trees.

aannie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - that Jesus head is hilarious. What's with the cloak? It looks like he's flashing passersby.