Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Days It Doesn't Pay To Turn On The News





goober said...

Huckabee's campaign theme song - Jesus Take the Wheel.

"I hear a great sucking's air whooshing through the empty heads of Christian voters."

Jesus Jesus Jesus I'm presidential material.

What do you get when a mormon crosses a baptist on a campaign trail? Theological debates.

Hillary puts her pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of the guys, but Huckabee skirts the issues in the back of a truck driven by an illegal.

Life forms...searching for life forms...lovely little life forms...where are you? eh, there's nothing but a baptist running for president.

Is it possible for Hillary to look in a mirror and not have it crack?

If this is the end result of the bridge into the 21st century that Bill Clinton built, I want a bridge back into the 20th century.

M said...

Go Goob go!

Do it again!

M said...

Go Goob go!

Do it again!

D- said...

Aw...give the guy a break... Just let him get foaming at the mouth thinking of all those souls he can save and notches in his gun handles.
*The "N-O-W" would no longer be allowed to meet.
*Gays would be off the streets.
*Abortion would be banned.
*Women would have to submit to their husbands.
* Nancy Polosi would be back in her kitchen .... Just like grandpa Joe would say.
One "Rabid Baptist" is better than one Hillary.

M- said...

I do believe Grandpa Joe would've given a thumbs up to you, David.

But watch it with that "back to their kitchen" routine. Grandpa Joe found salt in his coffee on more than one occasion!


"The man is the head of the house, but the woman is the neck. She can turn the head ANY WAY SHE WANTS.

oh yeah...

M- said...

oops. That's Kahuna there, huh? Oh man, I've got to go get the salt shaker.