Thursday, December 13, 2007

No No Bad Dog

When Bo goes to the kennel we usually expect him to react to the different diet. He spent all of 32 hours at there this time. I picked him up about 4 pm and kept putting him out a lot . I was also waiting for the toxic gas cloud he emits after after sampling their "port de fare". I was a bit concerned when I didn't have the ocular proof of a return to normal G.I. flora. About 5 am I hear him scratching in his cage furiously . After a few seconds I realize he is trying to arrange his blanket and Birdie away from the oncoming discharge. I jump out of bed and grab him and his poop stained paws and carry him outside. Well it was bad. My plan is to pick up his blanket and carry it into the bathroom and dump the pooh into the toilet and wash his blanket. It didn't go as planned ! I don't want to go into the details , but let me say my action resulted in the removal of two bathroom cabinet doors, and the disposal of a bathroom rug. Being familiar with G.I. disasters I really couldn't get too mad at the little fella.

Today, though, I am mad at Bo. I left him alone for one minute and I find him with his nose in my coffee mug just sloshing down my second cup of coffee. He drank half the cup. That really made me mad. After a year and a half I still can't trust him!


Anonymous said...

Poor Bo. I know I react adversely when my system is thrown off by travel. The image of him trying to save his prized possessions from the onslaught that he himself will produce is a funny and endearing one.

D- said...

Too bad you couldn't have just hosed the cage and belongings off outside. Poor mutt... couped up in a cage with "Montezuma's Revenge" and no way out.

A doggie door (pet entrance) might be a viable answer to his loose caboose problems from the kennel. It would save you the aggravation of a costly cleanup.

I have to commend him on his excellent taste for fresh coffee especially when its yours..... He has good taste!

aannie said...

What'd they feed him? A pecan pie?

Marianne said...

He needed some coffee with his pecan pie! ;-)

He is a coffee hound! I learned this summer to take my mug with me when I leave a room.

Can Bo sleep with me in the tent?

Babba-Gi said...

In the tradition of the Royal Tannenbaum's you can have Bo in the tent with you.