Saturday, December 22, 2007

Southern Hospitality

Marianne is home for Christmas Break. Like a rock star her accommodations are always a challenge. During her last stay the trundle bed was set up for her in my office. My recliner is also in the same small room. I usually fall asleep in my recliner watching the History Channel and stumble off to bed around midnight when my prostate beckons. Due to complaints about toxic fumes in the small room I have relocated our special guest to the living room. Her new suite is light and airy . It also provides protection against the Bo wet nose wake up.


D- said...


That room looks cozier than some
of the finest American five star hotels! Where else would one get such a colorful a canopy over their bed for the deep discount price she pays?

M- said...

All And More You Ever Wanted To Know About Me.

By Babba Gi