Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas in The Smokies

What is wrong with this picture? Nothing. This a very white southern Christmas pageant. Where is Joseph's beard? How come Mary looks like she just came from a Mary Kay party? Why travel to the Holy Land with all those pesky terrorists when you can have a bleached blonde, whiter-than-white Christmas at Dollywood? Our Sunday School class is going up there for a Christmas trip. I think we are the only ones in the class without a season pass to Dollywood. It is the Southern Baptist version of Mecca. The faithful will have their spirits lifted by 8 hours of shopping and eating.

CP is busy at the Feed & Seed. They are building a float for the Fletcher Christmas parade. The theme of the float is the "Island of Misfit Toys". We will be handing out toys along the parade route since Feed & Seed is right there and we will be open and serving hot cocoa and cider to the folks. The weather channel is predicting a sunny 62'F that day, so we southerners will be chilled.

After seeing all the hoopla around town I don't feel bad about my plastic light-up penguin that sits in front of the house. I remember reading in the Septuagint gospel of Luke that a penguin was present in the ethanol plant where Christ was born.


D- said...

That picture looks like something the Mormon's would put on for their yearly "Joe Smith and the Golden Invisible Tablets" charade in Palmyra, NY. Acting is good but the story's nothing but falsehood.
Hmmm.... after just getting a dose of the "old man's" white stuff to the tune of over 14" and just 8 globally warmed degrees, 62 Deg. sounds pretty good to me! Looks like a white Christmas so far for western NY.
As far as your version of the New
Septuagint Version goes, Don't let the KJV "purists" know you're reading that! They'll excommunicate you from the South.

Hope you guys have fun!

M- said...

Oh Babba, you strike again.

Actually, she looks like a young, stable Tammy Baker.

Aunt Dot said...

I LOL at the "...Mary looks like she just came from a Mary Kay party"!!!