Sunday, January 06, 2008


Idiocracy is a movie from the the director of Office Space. It is a sci-fi/American Pie/black comedy. The plot is about an army enlisted man of average intelligence who is putting in his time waiting for retirement as an Army librarian. Because he is so average he is picked for an army experiment to place him in suspended animation for a year. The plan goes awry and he wakes up 500 years later to a world of people with an average IQ of 70. This came about because the social welfare programs favored the poor for reproduction and turned natural selection on its ear. While the yuppies were having 0.5 children per couple the Bubba's were having 20 children with the endless supply of single women in the trailer park. The movie is crude and excessive yet the questions it asks are dead serious. I'm actually amazed someone produced this movie in today's culture. However, even the makers of Office Space couldn't prepare me for what I would see later: the presidential debates!

The key word for the Dem's is "change." Every third word spoken was change. I haven't heard the word change that often since I worked at the Lady Luck Casino in Vegas. After one hour of debate I had no idea what any of them said or believed. It was just CHANGE-CHANGE-CHANGE. Who was going to provide the most of it; but not what the change was going to be. I always thought change was a neutral symbol. After the change triangle there was usually a positive or negative sign. They are talking to the public like we are a bunch of morons.

The hypnotic mantra of change was only slightly upstaged by Obama's constant pronunciation of Pakistan as Pokeystahn. Bill Richardson the great former energy secretary who gave away our nuclear secrets was there. To me he looks like Lou Costello in congestive heart failure. Judging by his aura Obama seemed off his game. His messianic persona was absent. Hillary came off as usual, with all the warmth and charm of a walleyed pike. John Edwards was peddling his own brand of snake oil. He reminded of Huey Long with a foo foo haircut. If any of these losers becomes president the country will become an Idiocracy in one term.



Annie said...

OMG! That picture is soooo weird.

I would be so entertained over all this blah-blah if the consequences weren't so serious. Hillary is going to have blood shooting out her nose if she doesn't win NH. Any one who has to take a tour to show they are Likeable has just proven they aren't.

Obama is what is truly scary because he is electable. He's no less liberal than Hillary. He's just better at masking it.

D- said...

Great pic! If Billary doesn't take New Hampshire, watch the female act of crying come out. Now, If she were a Maggie Thatcher I think I could vote for her.

Not one of these clowns, donkey nor elephant has mentioned anything worthwhile about the national debt. All I hear is the need for national health care.

How about balancing the budget and paying down the national debt? How about going after the defense suppliers for overcharging the Feds for common parts? How about holding those representing us responsible with long term jail time if the national debt isn't lowered under their watch? NOW, THAT'S REAL CHANGE!