Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's About Time Someone Around Here Did Something For The Family Name

Major snaps for Ben for passing the foreign service exam. You may be having a visit from two men in black, as now he is getting his security clearance. He is also has to pass his physical examination. As I write this we are frantically trying to recover all the copies of the Osama Bin Bloopers video he made. We are hoping his first post is somewhere exciting: like Ottawa.


aannie said...

Osama bin Bloopers were hilarious. They should have been part of his portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Mary and I were in Ottawa one year during a G-8 conference. The Canadian military was all over the place as were the
Those retired military security investigators would have laughed at the clips!
Somehow, I can only see Ben fitting into that job like a fine soft leather glove fits your hand. Montreal would be another great place for him to start and use his French language abilities.


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