Friday, January 18, 2008

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

In Other People's Money actor Danny DeVito says "lawyers are like nuclear missiles. They have theirs so you need to have yours." So this is the phase my new contract is in. I wish you could just go to work with a handshake. I'll do this and you pay me that. Not today I'm afraid. If you hire a baby sitter you better have at least a ten page contract. Too bad John Edwards is busy with that presidential campaign since he is for the little guy. But I do like my lawyer, she is a street wise brawler, just what I need. Right now we are in a thirty day cooling off period. After that, if we deadlock I think the group will split along gender lines. The men will walk, the women will sign. I'd be more optimistic except I work for a "Christian Organization". Maybe I should get Mike Huckabee; oh wait he's not a lawyer, he's just a former PR guy for a televangelist who's now hawking vitamin supplements.

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Anonymous said...

Go round up Ron Paul (
I think I saw one of his town meetings where he was strongly against the vampires called lawyers.

It's sad that the negotiations are going to a "cool off" period. Sounds like some of the unions I've been a member of in the past.