Saturday, February 02, 2008

Farewell Canada

I think I'm going to abandon my yearly pilgrimage to America's attic: Canada. Canada is an example of what will happen in the U.S. if either the Beast, the False Prophet or Jezebel claim the oval office in 2008. The reasons Canada is no longer attractive are: the exchange rate, the GATT tax is no longer refundable and the price of petrol is about $1.25 a litre. Canada's recession started about 3 years ago and has been emboldened by the socialists' policies that are bent on making Canada a third world nation .

This summer I think we will be vacationing at Lake Santeetlah, in the Smoky Mountains. Hopefully the fishing will be good and we won't get run over by jet skis and bass boats. We are looking at getting a house for two weeks and all our regular fans are invited to stop in.


Marianne said...

Oh I wish I was back in old Canada
A land that I never shall lampoon!
How I long for the ice covering Lake Manitoba
And the beauty that is Saskatoooooon!

aannie said...

what about irregular guests?

Babba-Gi said...

We serve Metamucil to our irregular guests.

MP, Is Mr.Bingley coming? Does he like a country dance?

Marianne said...

I haven't yet extended the invitation Babba!
Oh, this is a terrible breach of etiquette! What if he reads this before the invitation has been properly introduced?