Monday, February 25, 2008

Finally Someone I Can Vote For!

Now here is a fellow I can vote for. I remember how he killed the Corvair. Compared to the V.W. the Corvair was as safe as a Volvo. I can't vote for the Beast (McCain), the False Prophet (Huckabee) or the messiah (Obama). Now I don't have to consider Jezebel (Clinton) since she's dead in the water. Why not Ralph Nader? He may siphon off enough Moon-Pie votes to allow McCain to squeak in. Can McCain really hold it together for another eight months, I mean without doing a Howard Beale? He is either heavily medicated or pre Alzheimer's. Huckabee is just hanging on for the free food and plane rides. After the convention you will see Huckabee on TV doing late night infomercials for colon cleansers. Obama is getting to look more and more like an empty dashiki. The only person calling him that is Hillary and she sounds like a ranting witch of Endor.

I'm so happy I've found my guy, Ralphie. And if he's not elected he can always do the weather on WLOS.


annie said...

But can Obama keep up the nothingness for 8 months either?

Anonymous said...

Ralph looks like how I feel... Dog sick. Obama keeps pumping the "change" and for many, that is what they want to hear. "Change!"
The other character on the opposite side of the aisle reminds me of a pressure cooker about to blow... don't old men get stokes when the blood pressure gets too high?
This is Looney Tunes at its best. stay tuned for more to come!......