Sunday, February 17, 2008


Since mainline cinema has become a cesspool, I have been seeing only independent movies. Peresopolis is about an Iranian girl living through all that has transpired in her country as well as trying to grow up in a repressive culture. I'm not a cartoon fan but a good story can even make a cartoon meaningful.

This Saturday we went to see the bluegrass band Dehlia Low at the Feed and Seed. I'm constantly amazed at the talent here in Asheville. Last Saturday the previous band's last song was interrupted by a dozen screaming kids fleeing to the stage when they saw a mouse in the kids playroom . Since this hundred year old feed store is so full of holes and we have all this food I'm surprised we don't have bears.


Anonymous said...

Independent films are funded by Hezbollah. So is John McCain.

Anonymous said...

To me, that band sounds like the absolute genuine Southern Hillbilly with too much "shine" in them.
Maybe it's the accent, or the slurring of the words. The pickin' is great but the singing has a lot to be desired. I clicked on the lyrics to help figure out the dialect but they haven't uploaded the translation.
Is this band pentecostal? Where's the interpreter?