Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where have all the great minds gone?

It seems like William F. Buckley has been with me all my life. Maybe this is because I grew up in NYC and he ran for mayor when I was a teenager. I remember watching "Firing Line" and always enjoyed his insights into national issues. We are now in the era of idiocracy. Today, junk science, failed government, "dumb and dumber" education, and mediocrity rule. All things are equal, everything has a moral equivalent and there are no absolutes. People get their political views from tabloid newspapers. Against this backdrop, a man like Buckley stands out like G. K. Chesterton on the Jerry Springer show.

I did read his book about sailing around the world on his 60-foot sailboat. I really am not up to reading his weightier books since I'm really not that much of an intellectual. I sure did enjoy his interviews and he always seemed to have so much class. He was so different from the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Huckabees. Why can't anyone with a bit of Buckley's intelligence enter politics? Is there anyone who can save this country from the empty suits and pantsuits destroying the United States?


Aunt Dot said...

How refreshing to see this pic compared to all the other goons you've been putting up:-) I agree with what you said....

Remember that line in the movie, "Sling Blade," when the little boy says to Billy Bob: "I like the way you talk"? (I loved that line!) Anyway, That's how I feel about Buckley: I liked the way he talked:-) (sounded)

Anonymous said...

Babba-Gi.... I'm surprised you didn't answer your own question. Anyone worth their salt isn't wanted in politics today.It's like the Media and the Parties themselves place a DO NOT APPLY sign up preventing anyone with half a brain from running.

Now, it's almost like watching the latter portion of the Roman Empire destroy itself from within from corruption and greed.