Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anger Management

Congratulations, MP! You now have Vicodin prescriptions in four states. Four states, three doctors, and two PAs. Careful now, you don't want to be accused of doctor shopping. Now I hear your cousin turned you on to Vicodin elixir, I hear it makes a terrific daiquiri.

Major snaps for Rochester General Hospital on their great cancer program. Thumbs down on their visitor parking policies. It cost less to park at the Charlotte airport than at the hospital. I need to get hospital parking included in my next major medical plan. What do they think, people are going to park there and walk to Disneyland? My hospital, Ghetto General, provides free valet parking and you're not allowed to tip.

Northwest Airlines seemed a cut above USAir. It seems that there a lot of children below age 5 traveling by air nowadays. Maybe it's the price of gasoline that is forcing this army of toddlers into the sky. I was going to tell the gate attendant I had a "disposable diaper allergy".

Thumbs down to the New York State Thruway Nazis for raising the tolls in the middle of a gasoline price debacle. I'm sure New Yorkers will just bend over and take it. Why don't they boycott the Thruway and jam up the local streets? How about people just turning their cars off in the the toll booths and throwing their keys away? They should pay the ridiculous tolls in pennies. Let's see just how much &%$# we can heap on the truckers before they just park their rigs and walk away. Our founders would have been ashamed of today's Americans.

If I hear one more PSA about Earth Day or Man-Made Climate Change, I'm going to start shooting. Every other commercial or news story is telling us to turn something off, wipe our butts with a leaf, or breathe into a paper bag to save the ozone layer. It has become the national religion. The whole American economy is suppose to shut down so some spear-chucker with a plate in his lip doesn't have to add fleece to his loin cloth.

There now, I feel much better!


Marianne said...

Dad, this whole thing is SO funny. I like the army of toddlers taking to the sky best!

M- said...

The Nurse Practitioner sat with Carol and I for about 10 minutes today talking about the health care system. She remarked how awful malpractice insurance is for anesthetists, and would've loved to chat with you if you were here! She wasn't too sure about Carol's work until Carol clarified that she works only for the defense!

David said...

Disposable diaper allergy...brilliant

u.f. said...

Actually, NYS tolls aren't bad at all. I was surprised to only pay $1.80 to go from Leroy to Buffalo on the NYS Thruway, a 70 mile drive or so. Out here, to go about 10 miles from Orange County to Riverside County is something like $3.50.

I had forgotten, however, that the Thruway is only 2 lanes in each direction. Out here, that would be considered off-roading.