Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why do they even open their mouths?

One of the joys of going to work at 6 am is that I miss the morons calling into C-Span. Monday the subject was education; specifically the the federal role in education. The guest speaker was one Joshua Varon, from the Education Law Center. This mealy-mouthed metrosexual was fielding questions from the various C-Span callers about the state of education in this country. As usual all the answers required more money, smaller classes, pre-fetal education, twenty four hour after school programs and getting rid of "no child kiss-my-behind". There was only one caller, an M.D. who pointed to the cultural and moral breakdown of the society as the underlying issue.

They don't get it. The country is bankrupt. Gas will soon be $4.50/gal, there are food riots in California, between ethanol and some new wheat virus the world will soon be facing a famine of biblical proportions. The barbarians are at the gates and they are concerned with prescription drug benefits and Earth Day.

It seems like little Joshie Varon only taught school for three years. Then he went to law school and became an advocate with the "The Education Law Center". Boy that sounds like a fun bunch doesn't it. Anyway Joshie got as far away from the little bastards as soon as he could. Everyone I know in teaching is trying to bail out. Some are clinging to that twenty years and out pension like castaways on the "Raft of the Medusa". The reason teachers don't stay is because no matter how great the benefits, the retirement, the vacations, a person needs to feel there is a purpose in what they are doing. Joshie gave all the pat answers, offended no one and consumed an hour of air time. The callers save one, will continue to believe the federal government will cure the education crisis with a new program, the camel poops and the caravan moves on. If it takes a village to educate a child, how did we end up with so many village idiots? Each caller points to their candidate as best suited to solve the crisis. It's broken beyond repair, especially by these three.

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