Monday, April 28, 2008

Is this Puerta Rican, or What?

I finally found what was making that rattle in BP's Oldsmobile. This ring, that is part of the rear shock absorber has corroded off the top of the shock and would jingle with the slightest bump. I had an idea that it had to be some kind of metal ring since it resembled the sound of a dog tag. Now that I found the problem I'm faced with what to do. I could replace both shocks but BP doesn't want to drop a one dime in this car since he's leaving for China. The shock still functions great anyway. I could bring it to Midas and have the guy cut it off with a torch. Then I would come off as a real CB.

I had to return to my roots and seek out my old friends duct tape, bailing wire, bungee cords and foam. I tried the bungee but I thought if I did get it stabilized there was a chance that the thing could shift and fray the sidewall. I went to my stack of packing foam from work and found these little tabs to shove in, and I think it will work: for awhile anyway. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years it will just rust off. I think I'm ready to work on the Space Shuttle.


D said...

Check the ads for shock deals. Midas, Sears, Pep boys, Meineke, Goober's Garage. Pop a couple of new shocks on it and peddle the bomb.

Babba-Gi said...

Maybe I could do it? His Olds is practically rust free. Nah, I'll just tell BP to take care of it.

Anonymous said...

Red Green type of fix:

Home Depot, Lowes or a local Home center/hardware store sell urethane foam insulation in a can. Build a Red Green duct tape dam (mold) around the area. Inject the urethane and "poof" no worries about rusty rings rattling.