Friday, April 11, 2008

I Bad

Yesterday Bo was in big trouble. First he took a poop in the living room. He did it on the carpet runner which was a good thing. However since we now go around in the dark thanks to Al Gore I didn't see it and kicked a turd onto the carpet. I wasn't sure what it was so I stepped on it, and spread it around the living room.

Earlier when I came home from work Bo came in the bedroom and jumped up on our bed where CP had folded about three loads of laundry. He was up there about ten seconds while I put on my shoes and then he jumped down and left the room with me. About six hours later I'm clearing off the laundry getting ready for bed. I notice some things are wet and I figured they needed more time in the dryer. Then I smell that lovely aroma of Bo pee. Ben comes out of his room holding a pair of rolled up white tube socks which are now yellow. I thought the damage was limited to about six items.

About midnight I get up from my recliner in the office and find CP sleeping on the couch. It seems Bo must have really had to go, because he got the spread, the comforter, the sheets, the mattress pad, and the mattress. He always goes on CP's side of the bed. I think he wants her spot. I was amazed how sneaky he was. He was just standing there between the folded clothes relieving himself: like an old man at the park.
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u.f. said...

Thanks. Reminds me once again why we do not have a dog.

Dick said...

Zero Dogs in this house! the cats are enough!

As a kid we lived near a farm and lots of dead animals for the dog to roll in only to come home with that greasy perfume and try to rub it into everything. Sorry dogs are not my best friend.

Maybe Bo is traumatized and needs psychological training.

Babba-Gi said...

Ben says "Bo is a cat in a dog outfit".

Dick said...