Friday, April 18, 2008

Your Government At Work

It seems like we have another big old mess down in Texas. An army of 400 lawyers have descended on the small town like a herd of carpetbaggers. CPS versus the cult; it's a hard call. Since there a paucity of facts known Babba will speak about fashion.

The plural wives are all wearing light cotton pastels in the Palm Beach tradition. This loose fit airy design provides a practical design that is perfect for every hot dry Texas afternoon. The white tube socks work perfectly with the brown leather oxfords and are are welcome change from the usual Nike running shoe. The outfit is also helped out by the handkerchief, bottle of Aqua-Fina and a Casio G-shock wristwatch.
The cult coiffure has a few variations. On the left you see the Roy Orbison 1950's "Oh Pretty Woman" style. In the middle you will notice the NASCAR spoiler. This aerodynamic design provides stability during Texas tornadoes. On the right this dear saint is sporting the Cin-a-bon. There is so much glaze on that head it exceeds NHTSA crash standards.
Just think; they do it all for him!


The Censor said...

This is absolutely hilarious!

Marianne: Do you think our stylist Haven might be able to pull off 'The Cinnabon?"
I think it might be just the look for summer!

M- said...

I swear that's the look I had in the 80s.

Dorian--I am floored with this post. It is an amazing piece.

Anonymous said...

Hey D - You are the man! by the way - you're blog gets passed around my office!


aannie said...


thanks for the comic relief!!
keep it coming!

Dick said...

"...and they do it ALL for him."

What a riot!

Jennifer said...

This... made my day. And I was having a pretty crappy one at that.