Monday, May 05, 2008

Bo responds to the charges laid at his door.

Ten things Bo hates about Babba:

1) Only changes my water dish when algae starts to grow.
2) Talks to me in complex sentences when I only have a ten word vocabulary.
3) Too cheap to fence the yard. My chain is only eight feet long - really helps me work off that extra energy.
4) Tells everyone that I'm only pet quality and not show quality. He calls me a blem and boasts about only paying $500 for a Welsh Terrier.
5) Constantly makes up derogatory names for me. This week I'm "poop-head."
6) Drugs me with Vistaril under the guise of allergy medicine, just to make me sleep more.
7) Does silly "take-downs" with me just to prove dominance. Let's see - he weighs 10 times more than a Welsh Terrier. Ooh, I feel dominated now!
8) Locks me up in my crate for hours with a stupid stuffed bird and the radio on so I don't realize I'm alone. Duh!
9) Drives me around for hours while he does errands. Being locked in a Tupperware container in a hot car is his idea of "quality time" with his dog.
10) He feeds me "thimble " size portions of diet food and then he wonders why I'm always starving.

Ten things Bo loves about Babba:

They are too numerous to list.


M- said...

Dear Babba: CP is home. Everything will stop spinning in a few days.

u.f. said...

Poop-head? Ha!

Do you really lock him in a tupperware container? I'm calling SPCA on you! :-)

Marianne said...

I love this post so much I want to print it and keep it in my wallet.

aanie said...

ha ha ha. Bo, your talents never cease. You write so well!

Anonymous said...

Bo sounds passive/aggressive to me!