Saturday, May 31, 2008

Major Snaps for Verizon

After 5 months, the plastic holster for my cell broke. Usually these things last me a month. This one seemed a bit more robust. However, even this graphite/Kevlar Glock holster couldn't withstand being body slammed into the arm of the couch when I plop my 200 lb. ass down.

I went to the Verizon store and was attacked as usual by the greeter. He directed me to the service counter where after rattling off 8 wrong passwords
the tech guy went on the computer and then handed me a new holster ($20 value). The good reception, 20% hospital employee discount and honest billing and professional service makes Verizon much better than U.S. Cellular.

Usually my blog is a sounding board for a grumpy old guy who's pissed off about everything. However, I am capable of a compliment when it's due.


u.f. said...

A compliment, given grudgingly. :-)

aannie said...

a refreshing change of pace but much less entertaining.