Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bo's in deep doo-doo.

Ten things I hate about Bo:
1) he smells like a ferret
2) he never comes when you call
3) he can't be trusted
4) he has allergies
5) he is narcissistic
6) he has an insatiable appetite
7) he poops on top of shrubberies
8) he steals food
9) he won't heel
10) he can't have someone walking behind him without turning his head 180 degrees like Linda Blair.

Ten things I love about Bo:

Could a brain damaged one eyed dog that walks in circles and falls down be a bigger pain in the ass? Meet Cooper. Nothing can try one's patience more than a terrier with Asperger's. Syndrome.


Aunt Dot said...

You're missing Carol, aren't you!

u.f. said...

Once again, thanks for the reminder on why I don't have a dog.

u.f. (aka, "the don")