Saturday, July 26, 2008

Does Babba have V.I.?

MP, Hannah and CP are all in agreement that Babba suffers from "Voice Immodulation Disorder", better known as V.I. At least now I have a diagnosis. Prior to this CP has just called me a "Raving Lunatic". I believe my mild case of "V.I." is due to years of either being purposefully ignored or living with the hearing impaired. Could my "V.I." have been caused by years of talking over the din of 24/7 Food Network or Bridezillas? According to the testimony of these three witnesses I have a full blown case of "V.I.". Now I'm concerned I may have something called "L.F.", "Large Font Disorder".


M- said...

From what I witnessed (sitting in the backseat of your car), you've got the wrong diagnosis. It's passive-aggressive behavior. It's the only way a lone male in a multiple-female setting can get a word in edgewise. Ask me how I know.

D said...

The problem you're faced with is the Estrogen Factor. Even poor Bo has succumbed to its overwhelming influence. In humans, the male voice increases in volume. In animals, a cowering effect takes place. It would appear the diagnosis is serious. Some cases result in the human male retreating to a solitary corner of the house.
Temporary relief includes treks of fishing, hunting, shooting, canoing, boating, biking and in some cases even a need to go for a long walk. Last result that has been found, is a sudden urge to go to work to get away from the suffocating influence. :)

Aunt Dot said...


Side-note: Will Ferrell went to high school here in Irvine (University High) over by the UCI Campus. His Dad was some sort of producer for the Righteous Brothers who were/are from Costa Mesa about 10 min. from Irvine:-)

Aunt Annie said...

Ha Ha! It's definitely a male thing. Especially in men over 45. Don't forget they also have an increase in hand motions and finger pointing. I personally think you're on to something about it's cause. For some males it happens in response to idiot network news casts and also when school board members are quoted in local newspapers claiming that higher taxes are needed "for the children."