Friday, July 18, 2008

Fear and Loathing in The Smokies

Since my survival skills are not as good as Eric Rudolph's I must return to civilization. I'm amazed that I'm just two hours away from the land of Obama. I think I found my next hobby "Tubing". Nothing beats floating down a creek flowing with class I whitewater with a bunch of fat, intoxicated Yaa-Hoo's to make you forget about Global Warming and Socialized Medicine.
Stay tuned for a complete report on Babba's "Summer of Love Convergence" on Lake Santeetlah.


Thomas said...

Gosh I'd kinda think all the fatties on tubes would remind you of nationalized health care and global warming.

M- said...

We had sooo much fun with you guys, Babba. You can only better it by honoring us with a front row seat at your tubing trials. :)

D said...

If that stream had just a little more water, I would have suggested all of us going down it. Too much fun!
As for the fishing expedition from the dock.... well.... I think all those fish either had too much southern fried chicken in their bellies, or, the Barack Tee shirt scared those rebel fish off. His picture and ideas of "Hope and Change" must have ruined their appetites for our specialty "gourmet worms".