Wednesday, July 30, 2008

La Femme BO

Bo has a new hairdresser. He no longer goes to "Dreamboat". He is now getting his coiffure at "Stepamgar's" where he is boarded. Dreamboat is 10 miles away in Hendersonville and it didn't pay to make that trip twice in one day. So Bo went down our road about a quarter of a mile to his favorite place. They did a good job except for his face which has a poodle look to it. I'll bring a picture of his previous haircut when I go back. Bo doesn't need a haircut that makes him look swishy.


Aunt Dot said...

You're right...we hadn't seen Bo in a while:-)

u.f. said...

He looks more like an Mom's old dust mop, if you ask me. Cute, tho.

D said...

Bo's not bad at impersonating a "blond" poodle. Nice trim! I can actually see his eyes! ;)