Sunday, July 27, 2008

La Directore'

The sun beat down, like a heat lamp gone ape. The players rehearsed for eight hours under the blazing heat and heavy hand of the director from hell. With just five days left the players at Montford on the French Broad are feeling the pressure. This Friday "As You Like It" opens at the Montford Park Theater in Asheville. The longest continuous running Shakespearean Theater in America welcomes the newest shining star in the southern sky.


jondale said...

It looks like MP didn't want to share her umbrella with H down there on the lower right. I'm surprised she doesn't have a mini-French-snooty-umbrella for her water bottle.

Babba-Gi said...

That is not Hannah, Hannah is about 50 feet away, under a tree panting. Babba and Mrs.G rescued Hannah from the "Valley of Fire" just in time. The director is mad I tell you. She gets the attention of the actors with an air-horn; what's next a taser!

Aunt Dot said...

You guys have alot of fun, don't you!

Hannah said...

I thought I was about to die. I vaguely remember thinking I should call dad to pick me up... ;) lol Marianne kicks major butt!

John Russell said...

Too funny - I enjoyed the air horn...reminded me of a traffic jam on I-40.
Just a clarification - The Montford Park Players is the longest-running Shakespeare Festival in North Carolina, not America.
John Russell
Managing Director
The Montford Park Players

M- said...

airhorn? Hannah, you better collect that thing after rehearsal before Babba/AC use it to wake you up in the morning.