Thursday, May 06, 2010

King Leonidas Where Are You?

At Thermopylae 300 Spartans held off a million Persians for three days

Today in Greece thirty thousand protesters killed three bank employees. They were protesting government cuts in social programs, wages and student aid. It's amazing what a little socialism can do for a culture.

Instead of the million soldiers Xerxes sent against King Leonidas he should have sent a handful of community organizers. Having your country conquered doesn't compare to having your pension cut five per cent. Why get involved in that mess in the Valley of Thermopylae when you can throw a few rocks then go back to your villa and sip ouzo and watch the sun set on the Aegean Sea?

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D- said...

The pigglets get mad when they are forced off the sow's dried up milk supply.
I will say OUZO does numb everything until you wake up the next day. Ohhh.... what doesn't ache????