Friday, May 28, 2010

Initech General Hospital

After a week of the EMR (electronic medical record) this is how the medical staff feels about it.
What used to take thirty seconds now takes 15 minutes. Work has slowed down to a snail's pace and staff morale beyond the help of Prozac.

Sign-Click, Sign Again- Click, Initiate-Click, Cancel out six windows of ridiculous warnings, Initiate-click, refresh-click, assign doctor-click, written order-click, Sign-click, Sign again-click, Initiate-click, Finalize-click.

If this wasn't Sharia Health Care I believe you would get your ass kicked telling people they had to practice medicine like that man.


u.f. said...

Not a good sign for the multi-billions our current administration has promised for ERM systems.

Babba-Gi said...

It's all about getting that Obama Money. It's a funny thing, I'm not allowed to send a text message while sitting at a stop light, yet I can take my attention away from the patient for 10 minutes while I type in orders that used to take me 30 seconds to write. What I need is the computer used by the Burger King counter help. It would be tailored to what I and the customer needs. Of course Burger King's computer wasn't designed by Washington and programmed by lawyers. One year till retirement, six years earlier than I planned.

If it was just about safety and efficiency, they could have gone with the V.A. system, but somebody had to get greased for this disaster to happen. The "Indian Health Service" may be an option. There isn't enough wampum in Washington to shove this down the throats of true bureaucrats.

David DiQuattro said...

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!

D- said...

Sounds like the medical community (those who actually do the work)need to invite their legistlators into the OR for a hands-on demonstration. Hopefully the patient won't give up the ghost. Or..better yet, put them on the table, give them the same treatment normal patients would get, and let them face the Grim Reaper.
Have "Dont fear the Reaper" playing in the background.